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Questions and Answers

Please see below some regularly asked questions we get asked along with some answers!

Is it easy to find the boat?

Yes. When you reach the water at Itchenor there is a public jetty to the left-hand side. Walk all the way down to the end of the jetty to the water's edge and our boat Shaw Thing will be there waiting for you.

Is it easy access to board the boat?

You need to be able to take three steps up and back down again to board our boat. Our skipper is on hand to help.

Can I bring my dog on your trips?

You are welcome to bring your dog on our 45 minute harbour tour. Unfortunately, we cannot have them on our seal trips.  This is due to an airborne disease that can be spread between dogs and seals.

Can we bring drinks and food on board?

Absolutely! You are welcome to bring any drinks and snacks on board.

How long do your trips last?

Our harbour tours are 45 minutes and our seal trips are 1hr 30minutes.

How much do your trips cost?

Our harbour tours are £12pp (this price is for both adults and children) and our seal trip is £25 per adult and £20 per child.

Do you have an age limit on your trips?

We don't have an age limit on our trips. We say that parents/guardians know their children better than anyone. Our boat has high railings so is safe for children.

Is there parking?

Yes there is a car park at Itchenor.  It is well sign posted. The car park will recognise your car on arrival with ANPR and payment can be made at the machine (in the middle of the car park) by card when you leave

How long is your season?

Our season starts in April and starts to wind down in October.